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Where To Find Gourmet Pizzas in Nerang

There's a few different theories about the orgins of the pizza. A common story refers to  Queen Margherita in Naplea, Italy.If you’re hunting around looking for gourmet pizzas in Nerang, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

Before the Lavelle street cafe, where did the first pizza come from?
It seems that the idea of using bread as a plate came from the Greeks who ate flat round bread (plankuntos) baked with an assortment of toppings.

The word pizza is thought to have derived from picea, the corrupted form of a Latin word used to describe the black ashes and debris underneath the pizza in the oven. The Oxford English Dictionery states that pizza is simply Italian for “pie” Another theory is that the word pizza is believed to be from an Old Italian word meaning “a point,” which in turn became the Italian word “pizzicare,” which means “to pinch” or “pluck.”

If you were hunting around for gourmet pizzas a few hundred years ago, then you may have discovered a form of pizza being eaten by Italian peasants.

Our Lavelle Street Cafe, in Nerang serves a delcious pizza Margherita. The origin of this pizza is said to be S.G. Raffaele Esposito, baker at the pizzeria Pietro e Basta Cosi, often called pizza Margherita when he added mozzarella and basil to it for the Queen Margherita in Naplea, Italy.

Lavelle Stret Cafe is where you’ll find gourmet pizzas in Nerang

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Another Review of Lavelle Street Cafe, Nerang

Here’s another review listed on

Rural close yet city chic!
( 10 / 10 )
Went with friends who suggested this Cafe! Friendly service at a seriously affordable price for young families. No hunger pains here- all smiles! Best pizza ever, flavoursome fresh-classy seafood. Try reef and beef with garlic sauce. Finish with creme caramel! Hope you make a million!

Michael Quinn Posted on 31/10/2010

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Lavelle Street Cafe – Reviews

Lavelle Street Cafe – Reviews listed on

I discovered this ‘backyard’ local cafe a couple of years ago.

Everyone is right.

The seafood pizza is to die for and is so loaded with tantilising sensations from the ocean. Freddy and his staff an excellent service generating a quiet, relaxed and friendly atmosphere and even better food!

A must for any G.C local who doesn’t want to burn a hole in


Posted on 15/10/2010

Freddy: Thanks DanielĀ  for your comments

The Pizza and Pasta at this restaurant is simple yet brilliant. The flavours are clean and the ingredients fresh. The only thing better is the price – really cheap. Would recommend for a cheap night out – no byo charge makes it a gem.
By Stephen Rogers Posted on 04/11/2009 – #8

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Honestly the best gourmet pizzas

these reviews from

The food here is excellent, Freddy and his staff very friendly and relaxed. Given it is in a side street of Nerang it certainly doesn’t have the ambience of something beside the ocean or with stunning Hinterland views (mind you – you can look across to the hills in the distant, just buildings do get in the way). But having said that you aren’t paying the same prices you would on the broadwater and for meals that are outstanding.
10 October 2009

Honestly the best gourmet pizzas I (and my family members) have ever had! I myself have tried gourmet vegetarian pizzas at various restaurants and none come even close to that of Lavelle St Cafe/Restaurant! I am obsessed with the gourmet Vegetarian and gourmet Seafood pizzas, absolutely stunning in taste! It’s all just so delicious and I highly recommend this restaurant just for the pizzas alone! Can’t wait to go there again for my pizza fix!
08 August 2009

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